"Wet Socks" out now!

Wet Socks 

Wet Socks is a super catchy homage to Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western scores. Foolishly trying to create a giant wave in a puddle the character winds up with wet socks…

Mr. E and Me present New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids - magical orchestral music that can bring out the kid in anyone! 

The album New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids will be released worldwide on Naxos in September 2019. 

Catchy contemporary music for children performed by an orchestra is a rarity. 

New Orchestral Hits For Kids aims to open ears, young and old to the wonderful sounds of the orchestra. The songs are written, arranged and performed by two highly accomplished musicians, Mr. E. aka Erik Johannessen, and Me aka Martin Hagfors. The album is recorded with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra and enriched by the internationally renowned Sami artist, Mari Boine, and The Norwegian Girls Choir. 

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